Happy Thanksgiving

Today we had Thanksgiving meal at the Okura Prestige Hotel in Taipei. At this hotel, we could enjoy French side dishes, beef, hams, Japanese sushi, sashimi, Taiwanese noodles, and Chinese ducks.

Foods are delicious, and drinks are unique. You could have fresh juice, hot chocolate, milk tea, or coffee. Fruits definitely deserve to try, because in Taiwan we produce fruits each season. Fruits are part of Taiwanese dessert cultures, since most people here take them after meals. Ice cream and cakes are offered, we could have white wine jelly at the cake bar without worrying too much about gaining weight.

The buffet at the Continental Room. Photo courtesy of the Okura Prestige Hotel.

Please come to try these foods or stay at this hotel for few days, so you may enjoy its facility too. On the Thanksgiving day in 2022, I really appreciate the helps from my family who always supports me, my friends who had fun with me, and my allies who are with me when I am in need.

I wish everyone enjoy the Thanksgiving day! Have a nice day!

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