Qingguang Market, a little-known spot for eating

Qingguang Market is an organized place for tourists to shop and eat. Traditional glutinous oil rice, soup noodles, steak, Vietnamese spring rolls, Japanese sushi, and Taiwanese doughnuts are all popular at this shopping district. There is a little park near the Qingguang Market, where children play around and adults can relax for a short while. Some shop owners sell foreign merchandise, though mostly from Japan, Western lotion and soaps are widely seen as well. The church adjacent to the market is quite friendly, it seems like they open the door all the time to welcome people. After few weeks, many people will celebrate the Christmas and new year. So I could feel the Christmas season and warm welcome at the church, even though there was no receptionist there while we visiting.

Photo courtesy of undiscovered Taipei.

I have tried traditional glutinous rice, Japanese curry, and drinks from the Kebuke tea company. Plum and lemon ice tea are well made at Kebuke, sometimes I drop by for just one cup of drink. Traditional desserts such as soybean pudding, and Taiwanese Imagawayaki or red bean cakes are all here. Taiwanese make different stuffing, though commonly called as red bean cakes, some people choose cream flavor, while others like to eat salty cakes or chocolate cakes. If you like to enjoy the crowded atmosphere with visitors from all backgrounds, the open area with different food stalls may be your choice. For people who want to stay and talk with friends, indoor restaurants would be much better.

Don’t forget to drop by the Qingguang Market if you are in Taipei. See you soon.

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