Chinese influence in the globe

According to the China index 2022,, Chinese communist party has expanded its influence around the world that people cannot escape from it in any country. Taiwan ranks 11 in overall score, but reaches first place in media and society. Taiwanese media had been controlled by the Chinese KMT party before it was liberated, local owners even had to hire agents from the party by then in order to survive. Though Formosan/Taiwanese can join media industry now, Chinese shadows are still haunted either in pan-blue or pan-green campaign.

Chinese KMT party supporters are pan-blue campaign, while some locals support the DPP, Democratic Progress Party, belong to pan-green grassroots. Some citizens regard the KMT as local party, which is part of Taiwanese society, whereas some locals still doubt its identity especially facing the threat from China. It’s an arcane issue for Taiwan to deal with Chinese influence, most politicians either avoid or escape from it. I am not sure who can lead this island from hazard at the current moment. Education is the main concern, almost each citizen had been brainwashed before we could enjoy basic freedom, and those generation are elders now. Elections in Taiwan are like civic wars or against the Chinese invasion. Communist China can easily collude with any party in Taiwan with disinformation everyday.

Few days ago, Chinese started to stockpile medicines because all hospitals were full, and stadiums were packed with sick people to grab for Panadol tablets. Taiwanese legislator, Lin Ching-yi 林靜儀, signed an open letter to plead the government to control our medicines, in case Chinese flee here for medical service. Now Chinese students in Australia are delivering whatever medicines they can help their people in China. Lemons, peaches are all sold out in China because rumors have it that these fruits could kill virus.

For more details about Chinese influence, you may use your search engine and find Doublethink Lab, which they published many reports of China.

Network controlled: The Great Firewall of China

If you think you are not Chinese, so you can get away from them for good, you may be wrong now. Chinese government creates not only firewall, but spy app for monitoring the target they want. The internet brings us the knowledge and the risk that we may be exposed. ” The Great Firewall of China” by James Griffiths, is a well written book with real data to tell the world how China controls the internet, which I would recommend to IT professionals.

Overseas long-arm controls

Chinese government has opened illegal police stations around the world, and Italy suffers the most in many Western countries. Many news articles point out the Chinese influence, and following links are different reports that we could find out. This is worse, we don’t live in China but feel like in China, Chinese government manipulates peoples with high-tech and domestic politics at each nation.
( The photo in this article is Japanese police car, not Chinese)

Countries that suffer

Southeast Asian countries suffer seriously in almost each field, Singapore and Korea are part of the list. Australia and Germany are not in good condition, and US ranks first in Academia; it’s not a surprise any more because so many Chinese students choose to study abroad and US is always their first choice.

Please be alert and save your country by cooperation. God bless humans too.

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