The third day of Rabbit year

Tradition here on the third day of lunar new year, people did not go outside for fun because it is the day that the Asian Furious God shows up, commonly known as “赤口日tshiah-kháu-ji̍t”, so it was highly recommended that people stay at home with family members to either watch TV or play cards to spare time. Normally we wake up late for the third day, so as to avoid visiting friends or neighbors in order to have a smooth new year without having quarrels with others.

I have watched “Paris, Texas”, an old movie produced in 1984 about a man who is in dissociative fugue but attempts to find his lost wife with his son, Taiwanese TV shows to see physical talents challenging the 330 cm high target, and Japanese channels for the gourmet contest.

For Taiwanese movies, I would like to introduce to my readers two popular new films. One is the Untold Herstory, the other is GaGa.

流麻溝十五號Lô͘-môa kau cha̍p gō͘ hō, Untold Herstory
(Thought crime)

Untold Herstory is based on true history presented by three main women, how they had been tortured on Green Island, the place where Taiwanese political prisoners were sent. Untold Herstory is probably one of the famous epic masterpieces after “Seqalu: Formosa 1867″. The plot is mainly about the era when the KMT Chinese Nationalist Party by then, retreated to Taiwan after Japanese colonization. Taiwanese were forced to learn Chinese, while local languages and Japanese were forbidden for decades. Also, women sent to Green Island were charged to have thought crimes, so they had to join the thought-reform campaign.

Languages: Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese

Fact-checking: Now Taiwanese have to learn Chinese in schools, local languages as elective courses, and Japanese as second foreign language; most Taiwanese students speak Chinese and learn English as mandatory courses since junior high school, some may even learn earlier.


Gaga is focused on one native Taiwanese family whose members are formed by different life styles, one girl who was staying in other country for working holiday has returned, the grandpa insists their tradition, follows rules everyday; another family member joins the election though native peoples are not in favored of political campaign, considering politics as a dangerous act just like most locals.

These three different generations are familiar with many Taiwanese; local cultures, foreign life styles and concepts are among us nowadays.

Languages: Chinese, Atayal: native Taiwanese, and Taiwanese.

For my readers who are interested in Asian films, may consider watching one of these. Any comments, please let me know. Thank you.

Have a nice day !

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