Taiwanese bento foods

Thanks to longer holidays this year, we could hang out and eat after meeting with our relatives. Sometimes I still miss these kinds of simple foods, after we had big meals at fancy restaurants with friends. Maybe this is the Taiwanese flavor, the most authentic and representative food in Taipei. If we visit south, tons of street foods may shock us!

Luckily we could order minced pork sauce abroad now, so overseas Taiwanese could enjoy the rice when they have homesick. The best part of this restaurant, Formosa Chang, is its decoration where we feel like a home.

The Taiwanese slang: 蕃薯毋驚落土爛,代代相傳代代湠 Sweet potatoes could grow in wet muds, just like how we spread(customs/ cultures) to next generation.

Due to holidays, the restaurant has changed the menu for customers. But we could still have basic set of meals if we pass by.

A typical set meal: corn soup, minced pork rice, fried cabbage, and sliced fried pork.

They do offer bento for customers during weekdays, probably bento is the best food for office workers, it’s quick to have basic nutrition in a day. Please come enjoy and share this culture with your country. 🥳

Thanks for reading !

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