Help donate to Turkey

Taiwanese government has opened three bank accounts for people to donate money to Turkey for helping victims, also Taiwan rescue team arrived in Turkey to return the favor that Turkish team was the first one to help us in 1999 earthquake. For overseas visitors, you may donate money to one of our following accounts.

007-09-11868-0, Mega International Commercial Bank, Swift code: ICBCTWTP007, under the account name: 衛生福利部賑災專戶

For general aids to Turkey, the Tsi Chi Foundation in Nei-Hu district is opening to receive brand new products from locals on Feb. 9. It takes about a week for volunteers to organize all products, so it is highly recommended that people prepare the packing list with all items details, and write down” donations for Turkey” on the box. Victims in Turkey are in need of winter clothing, coats, trousers, raincoats, boots, sweaters, scarves, gloves, berets, underwear are necessary, sleeping bags, Thermos and other sanitary products could help them survive. Locals could send emails at for telling them how many items that you are going to donate. The line is currently difficult to reach the Turkish Trade Office. For details of donations, you may follow Turkish Trade Office in Taipei of Facebook account.

Let’s pray for Turkey.

The Turkish restaurant in Taichung

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