Long weekend for Feb.28 memorial day

Feb. 28 was a tragic day for all Taiwanese in 1949, the Chinese KMT party by then was sweeping the island with guns and state apparatus. Elites were killed, women were raped. MIT ( made in Taiwan) foods had been transported to China to support their war, soon after, we did not have enough foods to survive, and banks started to print new dolor bills, obviously the financial situation in Taiwan was terrible. Many people lost lands and properties. For details of the news in 1949, you may click the link for more. https://content.time.com/time/subscriber/article/0,33009,888543-1,00.html

If you would like to dig into this part of history, you may watch the movie through Netflix or other platforms. The movie of Detention is based on the true story that happened in 1949 with background of school students. How they were taught, learned, and survived. https://www.netflix.com/title/81329144

I have once read a book with memories of many 228 victims, their hardship in those years were written in a book and published to let locals know, also I was shuck how they were treated. People who once read the book may soon realize that we have never understood their true lives, and the true ability of the KMT party. The KMT slaughtered locals without mercy by then, frightened to be revenged some day, so they arranged/ forced the Chinese guy to wed with Taiwanese widow whose husband was disappeared because of KMT, or vice versa. That is super ridiculous.

For current generation, some people have forgotten the true history of Feb. 28 in order to have normal or peaceful daily life. If Taiwanese wanted to revenge, we could make March as the memorial month, because Feb. 28 was just the beginning, the March genocide was even terrified, from north to south, young kids to old women.

Each year, independent groups/ 228 bereaved families are against KMT party, leaving no harmony and no apology from the KMT party either. Without an official apology, and keeps asking/ monitoring the families to let it go is like rubbing salt into wounds. Sad stories never end, but we must learn the lesson.

Now let us simply enjoy the long weekend, and pray for those who sacrificed for our freedom. Taiwanese lives matter !

Feb. 28, Taiwanese Tian An Men massacre

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