Donations for Syrians and Taiwan nationals


After the devastation of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, rescue teams from around the world started to donate money and things to Turkey, however, few organizations were able to enter into Syria based on many reasons; political issue, terrorist controlled zone, and the position of Syrian government. Now non-profit organization is in Syria to help discover dead bodies and deliver winter clothes to survivals. The Mustard Seed Mission, one of the organizations in Taiwan, collaborates with Medair group to deliver some tools, new clothes, and groceries. It’s easy for us to donate money online , also the Mustard Seed Mission offers the food bank for people to donate fresh foods for people in Taiwan.

The Mustard Seed Mission

For domestic and international donations, the Mustard group is a one-stop place for us to help those in need. Anyone who is interested in adopting Taiwanese kids, you may visit this site for details too.

The clip from Medair

Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Eden foundation is open for citizens to donate old clothes and other secondhand products. For the list, please click the Donate button to see more.

Green Miracle Public Welfare Service Network Association

This association is for people who would like to donate PC, or desktop computers. Their volunteers may check all used computers, and reorganize with several procedures to either recycle or deliver to rural places for students to get familiar with computers, so they could wisely use for classes.

Pray for the world

We encounter the war between Ukraine and Russia, though not directly, the war is still ongoing and affects some part of the world. In addition to the war, trains accident in Greece have killed dozens of people so they protest against their government now, making the official apologize to the public so as to ease the anger among people. One of the famous fortunate tellers in India had the vision that Taiwan will be in trouble in the near future, which makes people panic and not sure whether it was misinformation or disinformation on social media platforms. To prepare for the tragedy, let us pray for a moment and wish the good luck for the world.

Have a nice day !

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