The God of learning, Wenchang temple

It is said that the god of learning is very effective at this temple, one of the five Wenchang temples in Taipei, where students or families visit to pray for good luck. I have passed this area many times, but today is the first time in my life to pray at the Wenchang temple. For the past decades, I have never specifically visited Wenchang temple for the test; maybe that is part of the reason why I was sick before the day of big tests. Taiwanese believe that the more we pray, the better luck we will get. Food vendors near the temple are quite a few, people may buy some foods such as rice dumpling, champion shape of sesame cakes, and onion. Foods that have the rhyme with smart, or good luck will be presented to the God. I prepared the peony, which is the biggest one among other kinds and represented the Chinese national flower.

I also believe in Japanese Shinto and Buddhism. Visiting churches does not bother me at all, I wish every religion could root in Taiwan, so people could learn different values and lessons from different world. Recently, the rebuilt Chinese shrine in Taoyuan was tore apart, and the Japanese God was sent back to Japan by the new mayor that happens to be one of the Chinese KMT members.

Photo courtesy of Wenchang temple.

If you visit here with your friends, you may pray for your friendship and good luck for your family. Wish one day we will have the sports God in Taiwan. Have a nice weekend.

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