Say goodbye to dollar diplomacy

The Honduras just announced that the official relationship with Taiwan is over, ending its 82 years diplomatic relation with our country. This should not be breaking news to many Taiwanese, because we have been suffering for decades or since the relocation of Republic of China, the exiled Chinese unit in Taiwan. No country in the world is willing to be allied with us with threats from China all the time, not to mention its power of surveillance and sabotage. Even in the post-Covid era, countries in the free world are still struggling to cope with China issues. After Honduras switching diplomatic relations to China with less than expected amounts of dollars, Taiwan finally lost another connection to the Latin world.

However, the Czech Republic sent their officials to arrive in Taiwan lately with the biggest number of group in our history to show solidarity and support. Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that countries recognized China could be friend with Taiwan as well. This means that Taiwan is an independent nation too, so the old stance and tangling relationship between the exiled Chinese unit, KMT party, and CCP no longer represents Taiwan. Hope one day foreign nations would be more widely accept Taiwan as part of its diplomatic policy, and won’t feel like having another relation with the Chinese island.

Love to the free world and support to fully renew Taiwan.


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  1. mitchteemley says:

    It saddens me that Honduras could be bought off like that. The Czechs, on the other hand, know what its like to lose their freedom to a massive communist state. Good for them!

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    1. Middager says:

      We appreciate how Czechs support us, and Lithuania, the first brave European country that allowed us to officially visit. Thanks them!

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