Student suicides in Taichung

For the past few weeks, Taiwanese have been keeping talking about one high school student who committed suicide because of bullying from school teachers and discipline officer. According to media, the student was flamed by teachers who accused him of stealing money from other students. He was labeled bad student and kept receiving warnings from school, trying to kick him out of academic field.

The student’s father was defending for his son whose grade was perfect in the middle school, whereas in the high school, he became a bad student with lots of problems such as alcohol drinking or illegal products carrying based on false accuses from the school. The school reported the incident to the government after few days of his suicide, leaving questions unsolved for the public, school and of course, the parents.

While people were discussing about the suicide incident, another student killed himself and shocked the society again. Compared with suicide rates in Japan, Taiwan has fewer students who end their lives earlier.

It is needless to say that schools have systematically problems for long time,which could be traced back to the authoritarian time when the Chinese KMT party went into our schools by then.

For those students who want to end their lives, I have few words for them. I was born in the family whose ancestors were tortured by the Chinese KMT party by then, we were broke and lost many things, it was hell for my father because they went poor from rich. Youth generation at our family circle knows this truth, but we never keep in mind because lots of Taiwanese were like this, and one of our members even married to Chinese, it was a time tragedy, I think. But I didn’t know it was this reason that made me a special target for school teachers.

I am not a cunning person, nor do I hide my feelings and thoughts. My school lives in Taiwan were horrible, but I have never given up nor committed suicide. I even went abroad with dreams but ended up finding those Chinese are targeting and following people they consider a trouble maker. Even until now, I don’t think Taiwanese enjoy fully freedom. If local politicians and the current government do not make up their minds to reform, it will still be difficult for us to live in this world as a Taiwanese.

Wish this world won’t be as difficult as we think. Peace for everyone. Have a nice day !


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