One day trip in Chiayi

The Chiayi downtown is full of night markets, restaurants, hand shake beverage shops, and NET, one of the famous local fashion stores for everyone to shop. I had a nice trip by praying at the Mazu temple, having hot spring, and goofing around the night market.

The Feng-tian temple is the first place for Mazu goddess to root in Taiwan, the history could be traced back to 1812, when the first movement of Chinese immigrants arrived in Chiayi. It was said that one day, a sick man was healed by the Mazu goddess, so locals started to build the temple with incenses to show respect and return the favor.

Feng-tian temple

In Taiwan, food stalls and snack shops are near the temple, after we feel tired of the ritual, we may eat and relax for a while. Traditional candies and cakes are popular near the Feng-tian temple, where people could enjoy the old Taiwanese time when our ancestors were here. The sour noodles with vinegar (臭酸麵) is one of afternoon foods to try. The food, the god, and traditional shops are the good combination of local travel.

It is highly suggested that visitors rent a car or bus to enjoy deep travel in Taiwan. Taxi is convenient, if you don’t mind the higher price.

Zhong-lun hot spring

For enjoying the native view with mountains, you may travel deep into the hot spring area where some native Taiwanese are located. People may have fun by soaking into hot spring and eating eggs.

Hope you enjoy the trip in Taiwan. Have a nice weekend !

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