Online meeting apps

Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or Microsoft teams are one of popular softwares that people are using for conference meetings. Especially during the first period of Covid, many people left the office and worked from home while having meetings online. Therefore, free meeting apps are even more important and useful. Through the internet, we could connect to each other in few minutes, but evil spies could target us once we are online.

I think the most popular meeting app in the world might be Zoom. Tons of people from the State, Japan and other areas are crazy about its functionality. Not just for the conference, online lessons could be hosted by Zoom, raising the insecurity due to the reason that it once leaked clients’ data. Just like the Facebook and Line in Taiwan, these are widely used and shared information by lots of groups, making us unable to quit, or you may miss certain important events. Although some of things are fake, people could not stop sharing new information with others.

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It’s uncomfortable if we know someone is watching us, but if we are not aware of it, you won’t feel anything 🥲

Maybe one of the best way is separate dangerous apps from another computer/ tablet/ cell. Also, be careful about the brand of your electronic device. For laptops in Taiwan, only Acer, Asus, and MSI are our brands, others similar with Taiwanese are NOT ours. Please confirm with IT guy or do some research before downloading new apps. Hope this article could remind people of online security. See you then.

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