Taiwan- Japan relations

Members of the House of Representatives in Japan visited Taiwan and lead by Suzuki Norikazu, who belongs to Youth Division of Liberal Democratic Party, to show their support for us to join TPP and WHO.

Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen, president of Executive Yuan, Chen Chien-jen and other officials received them with warm welcome. You may click the video below to see what happened.

Start from 19:00 in the clip.

As for private organizations, many Taiwanese had interacted with Japanese long before the government started to open door to them officially. Japanese could stay in Taiwan without changing their way of lives too much, because so many foods, cultures and fashion are from Japan in Taipei area. Some Taiwanese owners even open their businesses with Japanese characters to attract more customers, where good quality and Japanese spirit are altogether. Japanese cosmetic products are popular here, and also the fashion chain store, Uniqlo, is almost everywhere.

Photos below are authentic Japanese restaurants that we could find in Taipei.

Fried chicken with vinegar at Ootoya.
Roasted chicken rice at Royal Park restaurant.
Fried pork rice at Yayoi.

Apart from tangible things, Japanese symbolism such as relics were mainly destroyed by the Chinese KMT party when it was the only power and voice in Taiwan by then. Now cities with more Taiwanese citizens, whose backgrounds could be traced back to Japanese imperial time, are welcome the reconstruction of Japanese shrines.

Sometimes I feel strange that many Japanese corporations started their businesses in Taiwan by interacting with the Chinese KMT party, but the mainly profit may come from Taiwanese citizens.

When Japanese are in Taiwan, they may meet many Chinese first just like Taiwanese in Japan, we may encounter Koreans who have rooted there for decades. Whatever the languages that people speak in Taiwan or Japan, only true friends will stay and help.

Hope the relations between Taiwan and Japan could last longer than we expected in any way.

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