G7 in Japan vs. summit in China


Like the picture paralleled below by talented Twitter user, most democratic countries join the event in Hiroshima, making the spotlight again for countering authoritarian regions in the world. Tang dynasty(唐)is considered the greatest and the most influential era in Chinese history, while this time five leaders from Central Asia show up in China even under the subordinated environment.

Few months ago, when the previous president of Taiwan, Mr. Ma, or you know who, visited China to show the KMT party’s loyalty to the country of their motherland without claiming himself as the president of Taiwan/ ROC, Republic of China; locals in Taiwan called it the most humiliated and embarrassed trip ever. Despite the fact that some Chinese fled to Taiwan with the KMT party, some choose to integrate with China again rather than fight to the death with Taiwan.

Visiting China is never an easy task for us, we either go to jail for some made-up reasons, or join the communist; some even married to Chinese spies.

Photo credit

Though some people think the Taiwan issue is still unsolved at the G7 this weekend, I think the world may be reorganized, at least the world knows the infiltration power of China.

The current British Prime Minister is in Japan, while the former Minister is in Taiwan for her 5 days visit. We appreciate the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan for inviting British ex-minister here.

Liz Truss vs. Mark Ho, Taiwanese legislator.

Have a nice weekend. 😘

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