China infiltration

Chinese and Communists are ” different”.

Few years ago, one of my friends told me that Chinese and Communists are totally different. So, we should be friendly to them especially those who immigrated here. We both actively engaged in activities with friends from different part of worlds by that time. If we consider Chinese descents are those who came to Taiwan after Word War II (Kuomintang party, also known as KMT party), then both me and my friend are all Taiwanese. Although our political stances were different, it did not change anything in our friendships. And my best friend happened to be Chinese descent.

Many local elites were slaughtered by KMT party when they landed the island. Since then, many people went speechless. Even the vibrant democracy is practiced in our society, some of us are still wondering whether they should prepare for the battle against injustices. Nowadays, things get even worse but some people are still not aware the situation. Lots of companies invest here with Chinese money and attract young people to join. Besides, hundreds or thousands of Chinese “students” study in our campuses. They could act and speak like locals without knowing anything. They like to be friend with locals and test our political positions. If people are in their sides, you would not on the black list. If not, they make your life miserable. Even overseas Chinese would like to visit, and they always come as western citizens without bring Chinese passports. So, I would say these overseas Chinese is part of our loopholes. They do things out of their wills oftentimes, and they work for the Communist party if there is a must.

Politics is the least thing they would give in. Everything is under the political framework. One of my neighbors who got married with Chinese woman, and sometimes their families in China would come visit. My family and I have encountered one of them in the neighboring park. One of their people even yelled at us” Japanese ghost” when they pass by my house. But when they are with real Japanese, they become silent and mild. Bullying Taiwanese is one of their job, I think.

In some Asian countries, dragons are considered luck. If the dragon is too big, it will threaten our lives no matter what your nationalities or political positions are.

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