CCP cooperators for local investments

Kaohsiung port
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Speaking of Chinese cooperators in Taiwan, there are countless and some of them may be the government officials, public servants, or tycoons. If we put aside the largest potential cooperator, KMT Chinese party, some of foreign investments transferred from China and these could be traced back to 2012. It was the year that the president Ma ( The president who was born in Hong Kong, and was believed by some locals to hold the Green Card from U.S government) opened the gate for Chinese investments, trying to let Taiwan to be fully controlled by China in the form of business.

Based on the news that the New Power party disclosed the Chinese investment of Kaohsiung port few days ago, although Investment Commission, MOEA and Taiwan international ports corporation have ensured the safety of this investment without any issue in 2018 ; in 2021, the Investment Commission refuted the approval of the case.

The OOCL corporation was originally owned by the Hong Kong tycoon and signed the contract with us in 2009, however, the company was merged into CHINA DISTANT SEAS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (COSCO)in 2018. Despite the fact that the U.S. government has warned our government regarding this national security, the Ministry of transportation and communication hasn’t yet made it clear to the public.

Taiwan State Building party

Back in 2018, the Taiwan State Building party once announced to the public but there was no proper response from the government.
中資入侵高雄港? 基進黨擺設大型木馬質疑投審會 – 政治 – 自由時報電子報 (


Shopee is one of the foreign online platforms in Taiwan, causing other E-shopping corporations such as PChome, or Momo to compete with it. Shopee claimed its promptness, convenience, and lesser price for the market; which was registered by Singapore Shopee corporation at the first time with only 500,000 NTD for their capital.

According to the news, the Shopee controls much personal data and the money flow of local corporations, it is highly confirmed that the Shopee is one of dangerous tools that people us daily. Also, the Shopee brought the social credit system from China to Taiwan for customers to use these points through their platform.

China uses commodities as weapons to infiltrate the free world, such as online shopping platforms, Oppo, Huawei and other forms of aggression.

Any possible means is applicable for the CCP region, even in Taiwan there are citizens using Huawei cell phone in spite of monitoring by the Chinese government. Other Chinese commodities like printer, vacuum cleaner are possible to be embedded its chips inside.

Without carefully noticing the country origin of product brands, it is a risk of paying something for monitoring ourselves.

The current law

The current law of investment indicates that the final beneficiary is the determined factor that whether the investor background is Chinese or not, even though the whole process and the money flow obviously provide the evidence that the investment was from China. So, China uses the weak circle to dominate our market sneakily.

It is not that difficult to reform all the industries, but it just takes time and effort; hope most of people can still survive until that time.

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