How China drives a wedge between Taiwanese society

Economic investment

Long before decade ago, when the Chinese government decided to open their gate to other world for attracting foreign money to China, lots of Taiwanese businessmen went there for setting up their own businesses even though its hostile posturing toward democratic countries or regions. People who have offices in China usually set up their headquarter in Taiwan, so they could keep crucial information and capital here without exploiting by Chinese government wholly. Many Taiwanese businessmen believe that they could get away from Chinese communist as long as they do not mind anything political, plus language advantage, we could speak Chinese with them without having any problem. However, the Chinese language does not help us at all; on the contrary, they treat us like other foreigners without official recognition. Those who own their headquarter in Taiwan have to hire Chinese or people who ally with China despite their unwillingness. Otherwise, their business in China will collapse in the near future. In this way, the Chinese government (CCP) could control the whole game, if necessary, the Taiwanese companies have to cooperate with the government. Recently, many Chinese companies set up their branches here by the foreign name and money, and attracted young workers with higher pay and of course, these Taiwanese have to do whatever the Chinese ask for. The most famous case is Tatung acquisition by the Chinese tycoon, though he was rejected by our government many times, he still doesn’t give up his plan. It is doubtful that the CCP is behind this game all the time, because the Tatung is one of the biggest companies in Taiwan with lots of Taiwan official cooperation and information.

Photo credit: Business today.

Political invasion

It is widely known by normal citizen that China have infiltrated our country for many decades, and the interesting part is that they only target DDP party(Democratic Progress Party, which is supported by grass roots who want independence) not the KMT party(Pro Chinese party, which was retreated from China half century ago). DDP party survives because of Chinese intention to unite Taiwan, and the KMT party wins their power by those who are afraid of China’s intimidation. Recently, there is one councilor who belonged to KMT party died after the ex-Kaohsiung major lost his term by recalling election from locals. The real reason is still unknown to the public, nor do the police disclose the detail. Our parliament is composed by many legislators, councilors and their assistants. According to the news, there were three assistants who were accused of stealing confidential information for China and there was one legislator who even involved in Chinese scandal. These controversial people once serviced in KMT party, and this legislator is still working at the parliament.

KMT flag.
DDP flag.
Taiwan State Building party. (Taiwan)
New Power Party.(Taiwan)
Taiwan People’s party. (White power)
CCP China !!!?? Oh God.

Cultural brainwashing

Since the communication between Taiwan and China through the Taiwan strait began, some of the local staffs at temples were invited to travel deeply in China so we could know each other better. In Taiwan, praying at temples is our custom. In China, temple is merely the architectural building where monks gather together. By controlling temples in Taiwan, the CCP could exert their influences locally and more widely at each city during different festivals. Some gangsters work with CCP to make a fuss at crucial moment.
Some televisions now broadcast Chinese dramas for people to watch for free, and sometimes the Chinese clips would pop up from Facebook browser. Many pop singers like to perform in China so they could make fortune, and Chinese audiences seem to have deep interests in Taiwan dramas. But, making money in China needs to follow their iron rule-Taiwan is part of China and we are all Chinese. The most unbelievable means is thoughts control. Long ago, when Taiwan was under oppression by the KMT party, the Taiwanese languages were all forbidden on all campuses. The teachers needed to teach all the students that we are all Chinese with history and behavior control. The students needed to behave like Chinese without any objection just like the CCP China now. Now we have academic freedom but in the same time, new Chinese are coming here as students so they could spy on us. Even the Taiwanese language organizations, where locals can practice our language and learn how to write the words, are effected by CCP.

The lovely Chinese couples in drama.

Social connection

By joining the local groups and activities to know more about us, and trying to be leader in certain group so they could control the whole game. In the meanwhile, they connect with lots of people and spread disinformation if necessary. Any Chinese is suspicious but not everyone is spy, that’s what people believe. If they want to target certain person, they would eavesdrop the conversation and spread the rumors, stalk people to make target person give up their ideas or something CCP dislike.

Wedding photo from Ettoday.

These are the common approaches and widely known by people who live here and care about this kind of issue. Other threats such as thousands of missiles aim at Taiwan, and the fighter aircraft appear above our territorial air space are quite often even in the Covid-19 crisis. Without politics, life in China may not have meaning.

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  1. Timothy says:

    Did you know Facebook refuses links with the Taiwanese flag?


    1. Middager says:

      I know there are almost 6 thousand Chinese work there when Facebook was trying to enter Chinese market. Now, Taiwanese accounts are monitored by Chinese who have blocked many people that post something related to Taiwan or something China does not like.


      1. Timothy says:

        Oh! That explains 😦


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