Feb.28 Massacre, 1947

The tragedy that made people fear and also the following 40 years of White Terror.

The monument was carved with list of victims who died during the massacre at Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park.

As far as I can remember, the Feb.28 is a sensitive day each year. Some people choose to avoid the talk while others are still suffering. It is a wound that deep inside our minds. Obviously, many locals died. But long time ago, it was a taboo and even the victims were not dare to speak for themselves. It is hard to imagine for some young people now, and all they know is probably a day to take off. Politicians would show up at the memorial park and the media will broadcast their speech as well. I guess the persons who hate this day most is KMT party. Maybe they never thought about staying here forever, so they killed innocent citizens, robbed houses, and raped beauty women. Not to mention the financial crisis came afterward.

Before KMT party landed the island, Taiwan was colonized by Japan empire. Although they treated us differently, some of the modern infrastructures were built by them. And that is one of the reasons why people do not hate Japanese nowadays. The Feb.28 was just an incident that burst out all a sudden due to the dissatisfaction toward KMT party. All they do now is trying hard to please victims without officially apology. In their heart, the Nanjing Massacre is more important than Feb.28. Also, the August 23rd Artillery Battle was a victory that KMT party likes to brag to others. But the fact that there were Japanese generals behind this was never to be mentioned.

The bereaved families.

All those years that came with tears and prayers among them. Only the Gods could console their souls.

The 228 Memorial Park

It was built by locals in order to memorize those dead and remind us the history.

Execution at Keelung Port

People were tortured by thrusting stainless lines into their palms one by one and were thrown into the Keeling river.

I think it is very difficult to forgive murders and let it go. Time could heal, but the justice should be served.

“If we look at 228 from another perspective, it was a day that we fought against Chinese force. However, people now do consider the tragedy a way of ethnic integration.”

Born as a Taiwanese and die as a Taiwan ghost.

Tân Tì-Hiông 1963, May 28

Let’s change something together.

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