Relaxing Journeys in Taiwan

The Mountain Lake

The legend behind the lake is waiting to be discovered.


The National Museum of Taiwan History is one of the famous museums, and it is located in Tainan city. It is a recommended museum for history lovers to start an overview of those eras in Taiwan with local guides to help you. Here, you could see the model of traditional villages in different colonization periods.

Photo credit: XinMedia


Nostalgic street is another suggestion for people who want to enjoy the foods and some gadgets to play with. Jiufen is the most popular ancient village with lots of visitors each year to enjoy the authentic foods and musics there. In Taipei, Dadaocheng is the old street for people to shop during new year’s eve. The snacks and the food packages are famous, fascinating both foreigners and Taiwanese.

Photo credit: World travel guide

Wander Around

The Sun Moon Lake is situated in the central of Taiwan, surrounding by mountains. To the East, there is an indigenous village for people to play around so we could understand more about different tribes. Long ago, there was a national swimming event each year for citizens to join. Now it is a sightseeing place for foreigners to visit every once a while.

Not all those who wander are lost.


“Leave only footprints, take only photographs.”

Gaomei Wetland

Photo credit :
National Tourism News

The Gaomei wetland is the scenery in Taichung suburb, attracting tourists to visit each year. You could see the beautiful view and enjoy the sunset here, which is a romantic spot for lovers as well.

After your tranquil time at wetland, you could enjoy local seafood around there.

Taroko Gorge

The shape of Taroko Gorge.
Photo credit: National Parks of Taiwan

It is said that the Taroko Gorge is the beauty of nature. Though it may be a challenging place for those who have never been here, it is definitely a wonderland for travelers.

Taroko Gorge

The view of Taroko Gorge.
Photo credit: JoBus

Taroko Gorge is not only a tourist attraction, but also a summer resort. The river here can cool you down and release the energy to wash away your worries.

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