Convenient Island

As everyone knows Taiwan is an island and sometimes disappeared on the world map especially China’s version, but the logistics here are quite convenient. It takes only two or three days to deliver our goods to domestic locations. People get used to it and take it for granted. Only young people are crazy about net shopping, elders still go to the real stores or malls for their needs. Recently, people wanted to avoid the virus so the popularity of net shopping rose up. However, haste makes waste. Sometimes there are problems for the online shopping because we cannot confirm the real commodities. And the supermarkets or shops are just around the corner, so online shopping does not make it all necessity.

People here could find the clinics near their places, and the prices are much cheaper compared to western countries or Japan. The medical resources are abundant and heath care workers are fully trained. CNN report has once broadcast our health care insurance. It makes so convenient and everything looks great. The truth is some of us go to the hospitals for minor symptoms and waste our medical resources. Some people have stayed in another country for long time due to some reasons still come back for medical treatment. Few days ago there was a divorced Chinese woman who came back for medicines because of her ill son, making almost single Taiwanese outraged. She was supposed to stay in China, but her communist background made her out of town. After so much trouble with lots of help from Taiwan, she only appreciated the communist party and stabbed our backs. And that made people hate China more.

One of the most famous drinks is bubble milk tea. In Japan, they call Tapioka milk tea.
From left to right are braised pork rice( lóo-bah-pn̄g), stinky tofu(tshàu-tāu-hū), and oyster vermicelli
Aiyu jelly (ài-gio̍k-á/ ò-giô-á) is a native dessert here. Commonly taste with lemon juice.

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