Slogan: ài tâi-uan. Love Taiwan.

For many normal countries or regimes in this world, loving their own motherlands is a normal thing. People do not have to say it out unless someone force you.

Recently, the Coronavirus disease has been freaking out so many countries and Taiwan is not an exception. The fact is Taiwan is so close to the intimidating big country-China, and there are lots of money diggers who dream to make a fortune in China despite the hostile politics there. But I have to admit that China has very long history and is full of deep cultures. At least, that is what Chinese are proud of. Taiwan has been excluded from WHO or other international associations for so long, so we kind of getting used to it. Luckily, we can buy masks now because we help ourselves, and we do not have to worry about insufficient quantities.

As long as things go wrong in China, we have a long way to suffer. It takes longer time for us to rescue our people because of one China policy. More terribly, when we go abroad, people always take it for granted that we are all from the same country. If we explain our origin, we get troubles from Chinese. If we don’t, we would face another problem from that country.

Language barriers

Long time ago, people in this island spoke their own languages based on their ethnic groups. However, after changing the new government, people started to learn a new language and were forced to give up their souls in the same time. Now people are afraid to fight against power because the history lessons taught them not to, or you could say they accept the way they live now. People accept the new identity that was not supposed to and give up struggling. Some people may even argue with you that the language does not define our identity, we could still be us even we speak Mandarin Chinese. Maybe it is kind of true or they just forget how to speak the mother language anymore. If we cannot even protect our own languages, what else could we do? I don’t want to wait for another country to wipe us out again.

I guess loving this island seems to be an unbearable task for normal people here. Hopefully, things will get better.

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